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What about design of gimbal head by Weifeng?
The product design is more important than ever. Because customers are demanding greater product variety and are switching more quickly to products with more innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology. We clearly know the importance of product design, and for many years, we have been committed to improvement and innovation of product design. The result? The products that are competitive with or better than similar products on the market in terms of quality, appearance, performance, durability, and price. At Ningbo Huizhou Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, such design philosophy is adhered to: fit for purpose & value for money.
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Known as a stable supplier for window clean robot, Weifeng is famous for large capacity and stable quality. Weifeng produces a number of different product series, including follow focus system. Weifeng phone tripod has been tested for guaranteed safety. It has passed the electric strength test, also known as high-voltage insulation test under different rated voltage conditions. The product is able to last for a long time. Its electrical components are highly integrated and sturdy enough to stand up any forms of impacts and bumps.
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Currently, we are committed to getting more customers. Under this, we change the way we get along with our customers. We improve customer engagement, reassess our service solution, and developing products more targeted. In this way, we are confident to get big-name customers.

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